Mudra of the Heart Chakra

July 14, 2011

Last week I posted a response to a woman who asked about doing nude yoga with her family. She said, “I wouldn’t mind even if there is a bit of erotic involved.” I needed to think and meditate on this, and I’ve concluded that, if the erotic is involved, the heart chakra must also be involved. This doesn’t mean you have to love your partner (or partners) with a life-long commitment – though such a commitment may be essential to a spiritual path – it just means that you have a willingness to share your heart when you are also sharing erotic energy and erotic stimulation.

One way to bring up heart chakra energy is with the mudra of the heart chakra. Stand facing a partner, placing your right hand over your partner’s heart. Then place your left hand over your partner’s right hand. Look into your partner’s eyes. Take three deep breaths together – or seven – or whatever seems good to you. If this exercise is being done in a group, move to another partner, until you’ve shared the mudra of the heart chakra with everyone.

A few days ago I used this mudra when leading a session of nude chi gong and chakra awakening. As I was working with two other men, I had each place our right hand on the chest of the man to the right and our left over the hand of the man on the left.

If this is had been a preliminary to some form of erotic spirituality, we would have done it before removing clothing – or at least before removing any clothing below the waist. We would meditate on filling the room with heart chakra energy, so that everything we did was in this energy.

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