July 16, 2011

On July 14, 2011, Roger McKeever and I held the first rehearsal for “Apotheosis”, a movement art video exploring the liberation of an individual through the working of the Higher Self.

This clip shows a bit of that rehearsal. I’m taking the part of the individual – a part that will be performed by Douglas Allen.

Here’s the scanario for the video.



A man approaches an altar. He is naked – a nakedness of innocence, an archetypal Adam before the fall. The altar represents conventional society, or the religious aspirations of conventional society. It is made of sticks and painted paper – like a Hunter Reynolds bonfire pyre. In front of the altar is a painted tarp, about sixteen feet by twenty feet. The images reflect conventional society. As soon as the man kneels in front of the altar, a figure in black appears and smears a streak of red paint across his chest. The figure in black is totally covered by a hooded black robe. His face is covered by black material that he can see through. His hands are covered with black gloves and his feet are shod in black. The man reacts as if being wounded, but he dips his hand in some blue paint in a clay container that the hooded man offers him and smears this across his belly. He is wounding himself.



The figure in black takes a strip of greyish white cloth and blindfolds the man, wrapping the ends around his mouth and chin. Then he takes a second strip of white cloth and wraps it around the man’s hips and passes it between his legs covering his sex organs. A third strip of white cloth is used to loosely bind the mans hands, so that he can not lift them up to his face. A fourth strip of white cloth is used to hobble the man’s legs. He can walk but not run.



 The man is alone. He hears a clicking sound. It comes from claves that the figure in black is holding. The man stumbles toward the sound. As soon as he’s close enough, the figure in black smears the man’s body with more paint. The man reacts to this wounding. In a different place, the figure in black starts up a different pattern with the claves. When the man reaches the figure, he is again wounded with paint. In a third place, the figure in black starts up a third pattern. Again, the man is wounded when he goes toward the sound. The sound is now coming from several directions and the man hesitates to move anywhere. He then hears a different sound, a faint sound at first – that of a tingsha chime. He follows this and reaches a hooded figure holding these chimes in his bare hands. This is the Higher Self.



 The man touches the hands holding the chimes and feels that that they are bare, but he also feels the cloth of the robe. With great effort, because his hands are loosely tied, he rips the cloth from the Higher Self, leaving him naked. As soon as the Higher Self is naked, he starts to wrestle with the man. At first the man resists, but when he is forced to the ground he surrenders. The Higher Self helps the man to stand, puts sandals on the man’s feet, and leads him through woods and meadows to a pond or stream.



 The Higher Self removes the bindings on the man’s hands and legs, then the bindings around the man’s loins and sex organs, then those around the eyes and head. When the man is naked, the Higher Self leads him into the water and washes off all that paint that has been on his body. The scene shifts to in front of the altar, where the naked man dances in celebration of his liberation. The Higher Self may be a partner in this dance. The altar behind him bursts into flame. The painted tarp beneath his feet, remains, but the man is in the world but not of it. His dance cannot be stopped by the world.

5 Responses to ““Apotheosis””

  1. Sunfire-

    this is beautiful. I can’t wait to see it progress in your videos and, hopefully, witness it in person, too! many thanks! Barry

  2. […] July 14 I posted something about creating a movement-art video to be called “Apotheosis.” We’ve had two rehearsals since then. Here’s a […]

  3. […] in the High Meadow at Easton Mountain. Here are some still pictures from the shoot, which followed the scenario posted on July 16.   The figure in black takes a strip of greyish white cloth and blindfolds the man, wrapping the […]

  4. Rémi V. said

    Is there a place on the net whwre i ca find more of what you name Apoteosis??

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