Phallic Worship

August 17, 2011

In the High Meadow at Easton Mountain, my friend David Townsend created an altar using a phallic sculpture by Moss Tidd.Altar with Phallus





David’s philosophy behind the altar is reflected in his statement: “The inevitable woundedness of queer male sexuality in a homophobic world needs safe containers where we can affirm our desire and the animal nature that generates it.”Path to Altar

As an affirmation of my own sacred sexuality, I walked down the path to the altar with bare feet. At the end of the path I stripped naked and walked three time around the altar.Instructions for Puja

David had placed instructions for puja (a Sanskrit word for reverence, honor, adoration, or worship) in front of the altar.

Following these instruction, I took the prayer shawl from the phallus and draped it over my shoulders.Three bowls


Using one of three small clay bowls, I poured water on the phallus.Water with flowers

I caressed my heart with one hand and the phallus with the other.


But my soul would not allow me just to worship the creative force of the universe in a wooden phallus. I needed to venerate the creative force within my own being. I lay down in front of the altar and poured water on my cock. I took deep breaths as I caressed my cock and heart. I returned to the phallus. Caressing my body with both hands, I kissed it. I danced – entertaining the possibility of bringing myself to orgasm. Were I a younger man, I would have done so; but for this worship, it was sufficient to raise up erotic energy and send it out with my breath.

The teaching of this day for me is that rituals of phallic worship reclaim the sacredness of sex. I intend to find other ways to incorporate phallic worship in my sexual explorations.

5 Responses to “Phallic Worship”

  1. Sunfire, it’s a source of deepest satisfaction to me to know the shrine spoke to you and inspired you to make it your own by following your heart into the ritual observance that was right for you.

  2. Rex Harley said

    Is the phallic altar still there? I would like to do some worship while I’m visiting this summer. 🙂

  3. TTOC said

    What an inspiring blogpost, to see men engaged with their erotic spirituality and the healing it can bring about.

  4. Sam said

    The altar really spoke to me as well..and speaks to my inner mind still…I so hope to worship here soon

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