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August 29, 2011

In May, I posted something about “transition towns,” a movement to prepare people for the inevitable diminishing of fossil fuel. This movement started in England, where I think that there is a greater sense of community than in the fractured and polarized United States. The recent debacle where the Republican-controlled House of Representatives led the country to the brink of bankruptcy, convinced me that we can never do the work that the transition movement demands without some kind of open sharing that creates, if not consensus, at least a respect for the opinions and actions of everyone.

In a posting earlier this month, I proposed that the dialogue methods presented by David Bohm in his book, On Dialogue, could be a methodology for creating this respect. This led to a friend contacting me about a new book by Parker Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy. While I still feel that Bohm dialogue could be helpful, it requires the commitment of a group of twenty to forty persons to meet at least monthly over a period of at least a couple of years.

Parker Palmer will be hosting a webcast entitled “Doing Democracy From the Inside Out” on October 11, 2011 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I’m both excited and grateful – excited because I believe Parker Palmer will have an approach that is well thought out, practical, and at the same time spiritual (by which I mean relating to our deepest and most authentic selves).

I’ve already ordered his new book, and will be making arrangements for those at Easton Mountain, where I live, to view the webcast. If you live in the greater Albany, NY, area and would like to view this webcast with us, please contact me

2 Responses to “More on Dialogue”

  1. Sunfire, this is exciting. I’m hoping the Living Soulfully coordinators will pick this up and start a dialogue among Easton men around the country. I’ve also researched conference calls and want to talk with you about the idea of collecting Easton men together for a monthly conversation. I’ll be at Easton around 9/10 and look forward to brainstorming. Thomas

  2. Erin said

    Hi Sunfire,

    I’m excited that you and a group of community members are gathering to watch Parker Palmer’s webcast on Doing Democracy from the Inside Out. As an organizer and panelist of the event, I’m curious to know what particular tensions or questions your local community is grappling with so that we might address those in the live broadcast. Transition Towns are a new concept to me but I’m wondering of the overlap between intentional communities like the Simple Way and its new monasticism.

    Looking forward to hearing your perspective!

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