Examining Beliefs

October 6, 2011

Last week I wrote, “The only purpose I can see for a creed is as a statement that you must question to grow spiritually. If you or I adhere to a group that has no formal creed, we must still question their basic assumptions.” But spiritual growth requires not just questioning the beliefs of groups but also our individual beliefs.

In 1989 I began publishing a periodical called TOUCHING BODY AND SPIRIT and in my second issue started a series of articles exploring my beliefs. Now it seems good to me to go back and look at the assumptions and beliefs I held then to see how they’ve changed.

While my stated intention for that series was to discuss beliefs, much of that series became a discussion of practice – the practice that has been the core of my spiritual life. So I must look at how that has changed along with my beliefs.

At that time I discussed five aspects of my spiritual path.

  1. Opening and balancing the chakras.
  2. Study of spirituality in all its manifestations.
  3. Contact with nature.
  4. Living in the present time.
  5. Contact with Higher Wisdom.

Today, I would add a sixth aspect: Living in spiritual community.

I have covered the spiritual practice of opening and balancing the chakras in other postings, so I need not dwell on this topic except to say that a daily practice of opening the chakras is less important for me now. My chakras are now open and integrated.

My intention in future postings is to focus on the remaining five aspects, devoting at least one posting to each. I may, from time to time, digress into other themes relevant to spiritual life from one gay man’s perspective.

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