Filming “Apotheosis”

October 21, 2011

On Monday of this week, on what may well have been the last good day this year for a film shoot outdoors with naked dancers, I filmed “Apotheosis” in the High Meadow at Easton Mountain. Here are some still pictures from the shoot, which followed the scenario posted on July 16.  

Man with face boundThe figure in black takes a strip of greyish white cloth and blindfolds the man, wrapping the ends around his mouth and chin.
Bound man smeared with red paint

The figure in black smears the man's body with paint - a symbolic wounding.

The wounded man
Two men wreslting - one bound and blindfolrded, the other naked

The Higher Self wrestles with the man until the man surrenders.

Two men whose eyes meet for the first time

When the Higher Self removes the blindfold from the man's head, the man sees his Higher Self for the first time.

Now comes the tasks of first finishing the music and then editing all the video. Watch this blog for progress reports.

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