Progress on “Apotheosis”

February 27, 2012

This is my fifth posting on “Apotheosis,” the movement art video that I started this past summer and filmed in October. In this posting I want to focus on the work of the artist David Townsend, who created two scenic elements for “Apotheosis.” 

Man at altarcloth

The ground-cloth that he painted represents the repressive world of contemporary culture – a world dominated by greed and the love of money, hence the currency symbols.

He also helped create an altar that shows spirituality as distorted by contemporary culture: An altar where Man – naked in his innocence – attempts to worship only to find himself bound by the restraints of contemporary society. The altar is not intended to represent the pure spirituality that is at the heart of all great religions, but rather how that spirituality has been distorted and made into a tool whereby the few dominate the many.

Man at Altar

Toward the end of the video, the altar bursts into flame – a purifying flame that liberates Man from the oppression of society and its institutionalized and repressive religions. I’ve edited the sequence of the burring altar in order to give you a sense of how this video is developing.

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