More on Yoga Doodles

March 9, 2012

On February 22, I posted something about a drawing I created called a Zentangle. It involved placing repetitive patterns inside spaces defined by line called a “string.” There are books and websites with patterns created by a number of artists. The patterns are usually shown filling a square – however when used in a Zentangle, the patterns are put into spaces that are anything but square.

In doing what I call “yoga-doodles” I find it more aesthetic and meditative to let each shape tell me what should go in it.

Simple line drawing

Here's an original string.

The string defines eight spaces. I made a conscious decision to leave the four smallest spaces blank.

Line drawing with grid in two spaces

Here's I've put in a grid that reflects the outlines of two of the enclosed shapes.

Line drawing with designs in two spaces

Here, I've let the shapes of the grid spaces help me choose the design each grid space will contain.

Line drawing with four grids, two with design elements

Next I put in gridwork in two more spaces.

Completed Yoga-Doodle

Finally, I put patterns or filled in some of the spaces in both grids.

In order to create the illustrations for this post, I scanned the drawing five times, capturing the five images you see above. As I was doing this, I realized that I could use these images in a short video, with each phase of the drawing appearing before the viewer. I used a segment from a musical composition I’m working on to accompany the video.

This video suggests the possibilities of creating a dynamically changing mandala that could lead into deep meditation. Watch this blog for more on this.

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