Queer Fires for Peace

March 29, 2012

The Flesh and Spirit Community in San Francisco describes itself as “an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men’s identity, spirituality, and sexuality.” They are calling for “ALL PEOPLE of PEACE” to “to express your commitment to peace through some action on May 12, 2012.” Those supporting them are asked to “create a ceremonial fire, light a candle, post a Facebook image of a flame saying “queer fires for peace” or draw chalk art on sidewalks (by permission) saying “queer fires for peace” starting now culminating ESPECIALLY on May 12.”

Easton Mountain, where I live, has decided to hold a fire ceremony for peace on that evening as part of our annual Easton Mountain Community Weekend. On that weekend many of those in our extended community will gather in counsel to again dream the dream that has manifested itself as Easton Mountain. Hunter Reynolds, our artist in residence who has led many fire ceremonies, will be creating this one.

Here’s a glimpse of a fire ritual that Hunter created with David Esch last January 1


Fire rituals have probably been around since man first learned to speak, and they are still deeply moving ways of connecting with our inner transformative power. As a preparation for the May 12 ritual, I sat naked in my cabin yesterday afternoon and drew this image of flame.

Drawing of Fire

I wasn’t thinking of any particular type of flame as a drew this but when I was about three-quarters finished, the drawing seemed to take on a native Mexican quality – reminding me of my trips to Red Rock Canyon, where I wrote and first sang “One World.” If you have any ideas for a fire ritual for May 12, I’d welcome hearing from you.

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