Moving Society Toward Life

June 29, 2012

This is only my sixth post this year. In my first post I stated, “I look to my Higher Self for ways that will move our society toward life.”

I had listed four elements as moving us toward life: “The Transition Movement, the Occupy Movement, the faction of the Tea Party that is devoted to the Constitution, and those who call us to listen to our inner God.” This post covers my involvement with these elements.

As co-chair of the Greenwich Citizen’s Committee, I’ve supported The Transition Movement by showing “In Transition 1.0,” and through a display in downtown Greenwich devoted to the problems which the Transition Movement seeks to address.Display in Greenwich NY Storefront

The display promoted a poorly attended day of discussion, though those who participated said they found it valuable, and I recorded it all on video which I will post as soon as I edit it – so the day wasn’t a total loss.

The Occupy Movement seems to have quieted down. I hope that these activists are concentrating their efforts on the coming election.

I haven’t attended any Tea Party meetings, to determine how devoted to the Constitution they are.

The area of listening “to our inner God,” has been important to me. In January, I was accepted as a member of the local Quaker Meeting, and in February I attended a conference of LGBT Quakers. This Sunday, I’ll drive to Rhode Island for a conference of Quakers from all over the country. Each person attending is part of a morning workshop. The one that called out to me based on the activist work of Joanna Macy. I’ll post more about my experiences either from Rhode Island or shortly after I return to New York.

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