Perspectives on Spirituality

October 18, 2012

I’ve subtitled this blog, “Spirituality from One Gay Man’s Perspective,” but as I write this, I realize that I have several perspectives on spirituality: the erotic perspective, my personal Quaker perspective, my perspective as an Easton Mountain volunteer; my video-maker’s perspective; my perspective as a healer; my social-activist perspective. All these have been explored in postings on this blog.

Recently I’ve been exploring the artist’s perspective.

It’s not a totally new perspective for me. Years ago, I did a week-end workshop with the artist Frederick Frank, who looks on drawing as meditation. Then, as I noted in a posting last February, I discovered Zantangles – a way of using doodling as a meditative process. Recently, I’ve been working with the book, Drawing the Light from Within, by Judith Cornell. This book stresses combining painting and drawing with visualization as a way to awaken creative power and a connection with inner wisdom. On Monday, I did three drawings as part of an exercise from this book called “Creating a Line Design for Your Paintings.” Here they are.

A line drawing using a compas

A line drawing using a ruler

Free-form line drawing

As my work develops, I’ll keep you posted.

I know that my path involves helping others find their paths. I can’t map out a spiritual path for another person. I don’t have the path of a guru, only the path of someone who helps others find their own inner gurus. And this creates another perspective on spirituality for me – one that understands the truth contained in the first words of the Tao Te Ching – as translated by Arthur Waley, this reads “The Way that can be told of is not an unvarying way.” To me this means that any time I try to turn “The Way” into a fixed path, I lose the path entirely.

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