The Coming Election

October 30, 2012

My friend Murray Edelman has created this video.

I am usually a politically private person. When a pollster calls me to ask what my vote will be, I tell them that one of the principles of democracy is the secret ballot, and I intend to keep my ballot a secret. But Murray presents a convincing argument for telling friends how you will vote, and even more importantly why you vote as you do.

I am convinced that the Koch brothers, the other billionaires, and the giant corporations that are pouring money into this campaign are not motivated by a desire to have good government. They are motivated by one force – greed! Therefore, I look at where their money goes; I vote against the candidates they are supporting; and when I can, I give some money to those candidates.

There is another force at work in this country that is a companion to greed. The greed is that of a few rich and therefore powerful men. The other force is far more widespread. We all succumb to it at times. It is the force of apathy. When the election results are in, we will see that from thirty to forty percent of the eligible voters will not have voted. It is apathy that allows the greedy few to seize our government and destroy our planet.

Murray has showed us an effective way to be involved with the political process, and this posting is a small attempt to respond to his message. When you’ve read this, please take a moment to share Murray’s video (and, if you choose, this posting) with friends. Communication via the internet and social media can help assure that the government of the super-rich, by the super-rich, and for the super-rich does indeed perish from this earth.

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