Art and the Spiritual Path

November 6, 2012

I’ve been working with some exercises from Drawing the Light from Within by Judith Cornell.  These exercises use meditation, drawing and painting to connect with inner creative power. In reading the book, I gained intellectual knowledge of Cornell’s thesis that drawing and painting can open doorways to creative parts of the mind that we all have but most people never access. It wasn’t until I began to do the exercises in the book that I fully appreciated the truth she was presenting.

One of the first exercises I did was to create line drawings that could be the basis for paintings. While sitting naked in my cabin, I drew these three drawings:


Drawing with circles


Free-form drawing

A subsequent project started with selecting three adjacent shapes from one of the drawings and duplicating them for use in practicing painting. Here’s what I came up with:

Extract of previous drawing for painting practice


The next task was to paint each of the three segments with black, white, and seven shades of grey. I worked with four copies of this drawing, and after doing the fourth (shown here) felt that I was ready to start on the full painting.Practice painting


And here’s the painting that I did.

Painting based on free-form drawing


When I finished, at about 2:00 a.m.. I cleaned my brushes and climbed into my sleeping-loft. I lay in the dream-like state between sleeping and waking that psychologists call “hypnogogic.” I saw many images, and had a delicious sense of my body being naked. Though I had been naked as I painted, I hadn’t noticed this feeling then. When I slept, I dreamt about painting.

On awakening, I realized that I had mixed enough grey paint to do another painting. This is what I did in the morning:

Painting based on drawing with straight lines


As I create more art using the exercises in Cornell’s book, I’ll post the results on this blog.

2 Responses to “Art and the Spiritual Path”

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