Contemplating Scripture

November 23, 2012

Recently, I have begun to meditate by taking a phrase from Hebrew scripture, Christian scripture, or the scripture of one of the other world religions. I sit naked in my cabin contemplating the phrase and watching the thoughts that come to me. Often, at the end of my meditation, I write some of these thoughts in my journal.

One morning in meditation, the words of Mary as recored in the Gospel of Luke came to me:My soul doth magnify the Lord,”. This was immediately followed by a number of questions:

  • Does my soul truly “magnify the Lord”?
  • What does it mean to “magnify the Lord”?
  • How great must my soul be if it can “magnify the Lord”?

I sensed the wonder of life – for it was in experiencing the life of Jesus inside her – the life of a child yet to be born, that Mary uttered these words. How blessed a woman is to be able to feel unborn life!

My thoughts formed into a prayer. “Lord, let my soul truly magnify you.” When I pray this prayer, I hear an answer: “When your soul dwells in simplicity, when it radiates peace, when it commits to integrity, when it unites in community, when it finds equality, and when it knows the gratitude of being able to live a life of service – then your soul truly magnifies to Lord.”*

The colors of God’s light flowing through each of us create not a cacophony, but a magnificent rainbow. God’s light flows through you in a unique way, and if you do not let that light through, it will be forever lost to the world.


*Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and service are often sited as Quaker values, and are remembered with the acronym “SPICES.”

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