More on Art as a Spiritual Path

November 27, 2012

Back on November 6, my posting concerned the work that I’ve been doing based on Drawing the Light from Within, by Judith Cornell. Yesterday, I did more line drawings that could be a basis for paintings. This time, I first used a meditation from Cornell’s book in which I visited a golden building, which in the meditation is referred to as “The Hall of Illumined Arts and Design.”

The building looked like a gilded Taj Mahal. My higher self accompanied me inside the building where I saw, through a gothic arch, a shaft of light coming from high on my right. I also had an image of a road going off into the distance. This figured in two of the drawings that I did. The first has the static quality of a symbol.

A Drawing that Looks Like a Symbol of Higher Consciosess

Here we see the beam of light coming down from the right. The road goes off toward and through a circular disk that could be symbolic of God as the omega-point of existence.


The second figure has an unsettling quality – as if something is broken or amiss.

The elements of the first figure presented in a broken manor


The road is small and narrow, and the circular disk is fragmented.


I expect that if I use these drawings as a basis for paintings I may get a glimpse of meaning, both of the drawings themselves and of my visit to the Hall of Illumined Design.

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