Sacred Geometry as a Path to Sacred Space

December 20, 2012

I’ve been studying Erotic Body Prayer by Kirk Prine, one of the founders of the Flesh and Spirit Community. About half of this book is preliminary theory, and I’ve just reached page 97, the start of the section called, “Simple Steps for Erotic Body Prayer.” Step A in this section is “Creating a Sacred Space,” and in it there is a sub-section is called “Sacred Geometry.” This inspired me, while sitting naked in my cabin (a way for me to enter sacred space), to make some pen and ink studies based on the vesica pisces and the yin-yang symbol.

The vesica pisces is the shape formed by two intersecting circles.

Two  intersecting circles

I’ve allowed my imagination to guide me to expand on this symbol, making it a form that might be used in erotic spirituality. Variation on intersecting circles

The second symbol that came to my attention, was the Yin-Yang from Taoism.

Chinese Yin-Yang Symbol

Again, I have allowed my imagination to show me how this symbol might become part of erotic spirituality.

Two cocks forming yin-yang symbol

Then I went one step further by using this drawing as a basis for a water-color.A color version of the previous image

I am reminded of the words of Lao Tzu, as translated by Ralph Alan Dale: “The space between yin and yang is like a bellows – empty, yet infinitely full.”

Two cocks touching, forming the sacred symbol of Yin-Yang affirms that two men can sexually relate in the way referenced by Martin Buber when he said, “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the energy that surges between them.”

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