More on Art as a Spiritual Discipline

December 31, 2012

In November I posted something on my working with exercises from Drawing the Light from Within by Judith Cornell.

A few days ago I adapted a part of one of her exercises – step two of “Project 2: Painting with Light” – for transparent watercolor. I started by scanning one of my drawings and printing the scan on ordinary copier paper. This was the drawing I selected.


Then I turned the paper over and used a watercolor pencil to shade over the areas where there were lines.


Next I traced the lines on stretched watercolor paper.


When doing this exercise with poster paint I mixed seven different shade of gray. For the watercolor version, I used Payne’s gray and ivory black and shaded the watercolor from dark to light to invisible. First I dampened the area with clear water using a medium round brush. Next using a finer brush I painted a thin line of Payne’s Gray along the left edge . Then, using a wet 1/4″ angle brush I shaded the line from dark grey through medium gray to invisible. I found that this brush would become charged with paint, so I rinsed it frequently. After this shading, using my smallest round brush, I painted a line of Ivory black over the line of gray and, as before, shaded the paint from left to right.


I allowed the paint to dry. Then I repeated this procedure in the large space on the right, this time painting lines on both sides and shading toward the middle.


Finally, I did the small space at the top.


As I continue to work in Cornell’s book using transparent watercolor, I’ll describe my techniques. Some of my readers may wish to try them.

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