Continuing to Work with Art

February 13, 2013

In December I posted something about using watercolor while doing the exercises in Drawing the Light from Within, by Judith Cornell. Last week I completed “Project 2: Painting with Light” using transparent watercolors. I followed the procedure that I had outlined in December and discovered that it takes longer to do the painting in transparent watercolor than it does in poster paint. This is both because I must brush each area with a wet angle brush to make the shading from black to white and because I must let each segment dry before painting an adjacent segment. Here’s the result.


After that I did a second watercolor using one of the drawings that I had done in November using a guided meditation in Judith Cornell’s book. This time I departed from her instructions by intruding a red and yellow area into the painting. Here’s the result.


In all my work with art I feel it’s more important to develop my own instincts for what is right rather than to slavishly follow instructions in a book. As I work more with Drawing the Light from Within, I’ll post the results on this blog.

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