Sharing Loving Thoughts

March 8, 2013

“Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving.” — A Course in Miracles.

 Traditional Quaker public worship consists of sitting in silence. If moved to speak one speaks briefly to all present. To me, this is the sharing of Love spoken of in A Course in Miracles. I’m also reminded that, “To everything there is a time and a season.” For some loving thoughts tt may not the right time to share in Quaker worship.

Last Sunday, as I sat in worship, some thoughts about faith and practice came to me, but I did not have a signal from my Higher Self that I should speak. Then I remembered something that had happened the previous weekend at Powell House, a Quaker retreat center. I was talking to Heidi, an old friend from the Albany area, and Noah, a high-school senior that I’d met at other Quaker programs. My friend’s four-year old son rushed up and hugged her knees, saying “Mommy.” Then he hugged the student’s knees, saying “Noah.” He went back and forth, saying “Mommy, Noah, Mommy, Noah.”

I asked my Higher Self if I should tell this story and immediately get a “yes” signal. As I stood up and spoke, I found the words came effortlessly. I ended by saying that this child was showing us how we are a family. I sat down. and a feeling of joy came over me. I had shared a loving thought.>

You may not choose or be led to participate in Quaker worship. But for everyone, there are times when it is appropriate to tell someone about our loving thoughts. We should not hesitate in doing this, as we strengthen our own ability to love by this action.

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