May 11, 2013

Back on November , I did two drawings after doing a meditation from Judith Cornell’s book Drawing the Light from Within.  Last month, following Cornell’s instructions I used one of my drawings as a basis for a painting done with poster paint – black, white and several shades of gray.

I had written of the original drawing that it “has an unsettling quality – as if something is broken.” The poster paint gave the drawing an even more unsettling quality.

Painting using Poster Paint

As I’ve stated before, I’ve been adapting the exercises in Cornell’s book by using watercolor as my medium, though this is never suggested in her book. Here’s the same drawing used as the basis for a watercolor painting.

Watercolor painting entitled "Shout!"

I’ve given the painting a title: “Shout!”

Yesterday morning I sat naked in my cabin reading a passage in A Course in Miracles. The painting was on an improvised altar in front of me. One of the passages that I read was, “The beliefs of the ego cannot be shared.” Does this mean that the painting is not of my ego, because I can share it with you?

I’ve used meditation before drawing and painting. I’ve been naked while drawing and painting. Both of these have helped me to be in sacred space while I painted. And yet this painting has an unsettling quality. Is it depicting something of how ego sees the world? Yes and no. This is not how the ego wants me to see the world, but it is a statement of the mind’s reaction to the world the ego has created. The white in the center is the light of divine consciousness. The “Shout” is in a language I cannot understand – and yet without knowing the language, it’s meaning comes through to me. Nothing more needs to be said.

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