Accessing the Inner Self through Sculpture

May 24, 2013

I have been writing about my work with the exercises in Judith Cornell’s book, Drawing the Light from Within. As the exercises work primarily with the visual arts of painting and drawing, they are obviously only for sighted people. I consulted with a friend who has a degree in art education about what could be done to make this work available for the blind. He suggested that I work with wire and modeling clay.

The first exercises is Cornell’s book deal with creating paintings and drawings from the imagination. I’ve discussed my work in several postings on this blog. A few days ago, I sat naked at a table outdoors and put on a blindfold. I had a pound of non-harding modeling clay divided into ten pieces. I also had nine lengths of wire, some bare copper some plastic covered. I removed the blindfold periodically in order to take pictures of my work Here’s a video that records my progress.

I’ll be using this technique with participants in a retreat at Easton Mountain called Expressing Your Authentic Self (May 31-June 2). For my session, it won’t be necessary to be blindfolded or naked, though these are both options. One of the other facilitators, who will be leading a session on writing, is excited about the idea of using sculptures created from the imagination as a basis for stories. I’ll keep you posted on what develops.

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