More on Working with Sculpture

May 27, 2013

Last week I posted something about creating a sculpture from the imagination using clay and wire. A friend suggested that the process of looking inward could be enhanced by creating a story based on the sculpture.  Shortly after completing the sculpture, I recorded a short fantasy.  I had the idea that I could use this in a video, but before I could take more photographs for the video, I left the sculpture in a car under the hot sun and discovered the easiest way to soften modeling clay.

So I redid the sculpture while sitting naked in my cabin, though not wearing a blindfold.  That became the basis for a video I completed yesterday.  Here it is:

I’ll be facilitating a session of creating a sculpture from the imagination during next weekend’s retreat, Expressing Your Authentic Self, (May 31 through June 2) and Wil Fisher will facilitate a writing session with an option of using a sculpture as a springboard for imagination.  I expect that I’ll be facilitating some other art sessions at Gay Freedom Camp (July 3-7), Gay Spirit Camp (August 12-18), and possibly Eros Spirit Camp (July 29 through August 4).

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