More on Art from the Imagination

June 14, 2013

My previous two postings have been about creating sculpture from my imagination. I wanted to see if I could take the concept of a drawing from the imagination that I found in Judith Cornell’s book Drawing the Light from Within, and adapt it for sculpture. I mentioned that I would be facilitating this in a retreat at Easton Mountain, May 31-June 2. I was impressed with what the men in the retreat created. You can judge for yourself based on these pictures.

Sculpture with clay and wire

Sculpture created by Michael Wilson

Modeling clay sculpture

Sculpture made from Mdeling Clay

Head made from modeling clay

Modeling clay on board

Man with modeling clay sculpture on board

Wil Fisher with his sculpture

Man working on modeling clay sculpture

Freddy Freeman working on his sculpture

After the men in the retreat had created these sculptures, they were guided by Wil Fisher in writing stories inspired by what they had created. Then we moved into improvisational theater, led by Michael Wilson. Then Freddy Freeman set up a recording session in which participants sang, read poetry, made sounds, and improvised characters. Freddy arranged all the material into a short composition which became the sound track for this video.

If you’re coming to Gay Freedom Camp (July 3-7), Eros Spirit Camp (July 29-August 4), or Gay Spirit Camp (August 12-18), you’ll have opportunities to create drawings and sculpture from your imagination in the Art Tent. I also anticipate that we will be doing some life drawing there with nude male models.

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