Naked Truth

January 9, 2014

“The Gospel of Thomas” is a set of 114 sayings attributed to Jesus and brief conversations with his disciples. It was not recognized as authentic by the 325 CE Council of Nicaea, which established which books would be part of Christian scriptures.

Some statements in this gospel present a vision of Jesus that is more radical than the churchmen meeting in Nicaea would have wanted to accept. One of these is in verse thirty-seven, which in English translation reads:

When you strip naked without shame and trample your clothing underfoot just as little children do, then you will look at the Son of the Living One without being afraid.

From the context of the book, we know he was speaking to his disciples, who were Jewish – as was Jesus. The disciples knew the mythology of Adam and Eve, and possibly believed it to be literally true. This mythology gave to Jewish thought a bias against the naked body, against looking on a naked body, and to some extent against sex, which involves seeing the naked body.

Jesus is saying to his disciples – and to us who read his words – that we must get rid of all shame associated with a naked body.

Recently I’ve proposed a ritual of touch, to be done first clothed and then naked. I call this ritual and the preparation for it, “The Innocence Seminar.” You can read about it on the Spiritual Explorers website. In contemplating this ritual, I experience an inner truth consistent with Jesus’ words – and this supports my belief that this verse accurately reflects his thought.

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  1. […] of my work at Easton Mountain. One is an extension of the ritual of innocence that I discussed in my post of January 9, 2014, The Spiritual Explorers website describes this ritual of innocence more fully. The video […]

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