Internal Dialogue with the Medicine Man

March 9, 2014

As I have written in an earlier post, I am working with active imagination and internal dialogue.  Some of this revolves around an explorer.  The following dialogue (really a monologue) is in the words of the medicine man that the explorer visited – part of the active imagination posted on June 30, 2013.

As I read this transcription, and the transcriptions of the active imagination related to it, I try to see how what I’ve written relates to my life.  I’ve had times of purification, and I even remember one time vomiting after drinking an herb tea, though I don’t think that was the intended effect.  I had just completed a two-day fast, and may have eaten something as well as drunk the tea.  A holistic medical advisor said the vomiting was purifying,  The point is that I relate the purification spoken of here with an experience of my life.  As you read the words of this Internal Dialogue, do they remind you of something in your life?  If so, take a moment to journal about what you’ve experienced.


I was a young man. an apprentice. when the explorer from whom you got that map, that drawing, came to him [my teacher], and I remember talking with my teacher, and his saying,  “This man, this explorer,   he thinks he wants to find answers in the jungle, but he will never find them because he cannot see. What he should be seeing is hidden from him. He does not know how.”

And so this man was given herbs, and the drawing that he did came out of that experience, so it was not a drawing of any place.  But we did go around and maybe some of that influenced him as he was drawing.

I did not ask you to draw because you had a map or you thought you had a map.   it would be ridiculous.  I would not know the words to say, but I would give you some herbs that we use for cleansing – very strong.  I knew I needed something very strong because I saw these spirits in your stomach that had to be vomited out, and they were. They were gone. I knew they were gone; but also. tied to that, connected to that, energies in your fields, spirits in your fields hovering around you – they needed to be gone too if you would have any hope of seeing; and I knew that.  When I was finished, when you had expelled all of the evil spirits and all of the spirits that were in the potions I gave you, they were all gone.

And I told the guide to take you to a place of cleansing,  but not yet – toward the end [of your stay with us].  Many of our tribe go to bathe in the sacred pools; and we did not take you to the to the coldest one; we did not take you to the hottest one; we did not take into ones that our sacred warriors and our women and our children are bathed in – but one of the beginner’s streams, and I do not know if you got anything from that.  That is for you to see and you to decide, but whatever happened there is for good, because I sense that your heart is pure, even with evil spirits, and that you’ve got some kind of purification from [being with us], and that there are others who will work with you and bring you to a new place of understanding.

And so I sit.  As I look into the fire, I visualize you. I imagine you there. No, I don’t really see you, but I know something in the flame connects me with you because the flame was used,  the heat from my flame went into the potion that I gave you; and that medicine. that heat remains inside you and we are connected and I am able to pray for you and I pray for the people in my own tribe.

And you may find others to give you medicine to cleanse you because evil spirits that you’ve had may return. I cannot protect you from them for the rest of your life, though you were protected until the time you left our village.

And something in me is saying this explorer will find his way and will come to a new understanding.

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