Naked Ritual

July 15, 2014

In September of last year I created a meditation and a ritual for the Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School. It focused on nudity as a symbol of innocence. Since then, the video that I posted on Vimeo to illustrate the meditation has had over a thousand views. However, I’ve had very few people contact me about being part of the ritual.

Recently, I came upon a video of another ritual – this one done in public on a Saturday in April in the small but cosmopolitan city of Biel, Switzerland. The video was entitled “Artwalk with Nude Accents (Documentation)” In this ritual only one of the participants was naked all the time, while others took off and put on clothing during the ritual.

It struck me that both the naked and the clothed participants were equally innocent. This has led me to revise my ritual to allow participants to choose whether to be naked or clothed. A corresponding revision was made to the meditation and the video that supports it. The new video is now referenced on the innocence seminar’s website, and the site itself has been modified to reflect my new understanding.

I’ve had few responses to my call for participants in the ritual, and so have not been able to arrange one — even with just myself and two other people. My sense is that my presentation of the ritual is enough. The message is there. From a spiritual perspective that is sufficient.


One Response to “Naked Ritual”

  1. Good luck to your naked rituals.

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