A Global Heart Circle?

January 10, 2015

Radical Faeries have something called a “heart circle.” They use it as a way of connecting and as a way of focusing on problems. They sit in a circle and a talisman is passed around. Only the person with the talisman speaks. In many faerie groups, the talisman is passed until it goes once around wiht no one speaking.

Quakers have a similar way of focusing on problems. They call this way a “meeting for discernment.” The organizers format one or more questions for consideration. Participants sit in silence. One by one, they speak their thoughts about the questions asked. This differs from Quaker worship in that it is not necessary to be convinced that your words come from “that of God within you.”

I have had an idea that current social media may, at times, be a global heart circle – a global meeting for discernment. Am I being too idealistic? Maybe, but I think of this as a way of looking at all the comments of all the women and men who are deeply concerned about the issues of our times. I thought of setting up a group on Facebook for a world wide heart circle on climate change, but there are already so many pages on Facebook and on many other sites that accept comments.

Tomorrow, I’ll be leading a meeting of Quakers from my area. We will focus on three questions:

  1. What am I called to do in order to protect and restore the earth?
  2. What is our Meeting called to do?
  3. How can our Meeting reach out to other faith communities to protect and restore the earth?

I’m making it possible for those attending to videotape statements, and will be putting these statements into the global heart circle that is the internet.

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