Here’s some important introductory information:

This blog is listed in Blog Catalog and in Best Male Blogs.

Much thanks to Nude Dude for permitting me to use his picture in the photo above.

And if you like this blog, check out the blog of my friend, David Townsend.

And now a bit about me.  I live at Easton Mountain, which is a retreat center primarily for gay men about forty miles north of Albany, NY.  You can learn more about me from my website, where you’ll find a short autobiographical statement.  There’s much more about my life in the postings on this blog that come under that category of Spiritual Autobiography.

But all of the postings relate to some facet of my life, and there are pages that can help you determine which postings you want to read:

I regard the sharing of spiritual experiences and practices as an important part of a spiritual life.  If any of this helps you, I’d welcome hearing about it – either through a comment on this blog or through the reply page on my website.

6 Responses to “About Sunfire and This Blog”

  1. What an extensive listing of topics ranging from the intellectual virtue of erection to exploring the Chakras. I’m eager to explore your blog beginning with altar rituals and chanting.

    Robert Crockett

  2. Symbient said

    Sun. you are amazing ! ((((HUGZ)))).

    If anyone gets upto Easton you should schedule a session with Sunfire

  3. […] social dimension to spiritual consciousness.  I’ve added a new category to this blog’s topical index – “social action.”  This is the first posting on that […]

  4. gail righter said

    My first blog experience and it couldn’t have been a better first, of course! Wonderful conversation we had today as usual; did lots of catching up and remember what I said about keeping the zing in relationships. Lots of hugs and love, Gail aka biker babe

  5. Samuel said

    Would love for you to be a mentor…Samuel

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