I am currently organizing The Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School – a school that will focus on the mysteries of life through the study of healing and erotic spirituality. Possible elements of this school include teleseminars, intensives at Easton Mountain and other venues, and private study with me at Easton Mountain – perhaps while volunteering as Easton Mountain staff. Please contact me if you would like further information. If you are on Facebook, please connect with the Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School there.

What is a Mystery School?

In one sense, life is a Mystery School. Every being that has chosen to be on this planet in human form is a student of this Mystery School. Every being who has chosen to incarnate on this planet in non-human form – animal, plant, nature spirit – has chosen to play a part in this Mystery School. When I use Mystery School in this sense, I write it with capital letters.

In a second sense, a mystery school is a vehicle by which some humans who have recognized their spiritual natures come together to explore their natures, usually under the direction of one or more teachers who themselves recognize that they are students of the Mystery School.

What is a course in the Mystery School?

Any activity, whether seen as a formal class or not, that furthers your understanding of who you are and your place in the Universe is a course in the Mystery School. A mystery school is a course in the Mystery School –

but so is a class in Non-violent Communication, so is doing the lessons in A Course in Miracles, so is participating in the Native American ceremony called The Naraya.


“Allow Your Magnificence to Shine”

This is the fourth line of a personal code of honor, posted November 20.  In one sense, I have no magnificence other than that which is born of my connection with my Higher Self, and to All That Is. So my endeavor to follow this means that I am constantly striving to let Divine Magnificence flow through me.  Read more:

“Celebrate Creativity”

In the book of Genesis, it is written, “God created man in his own image.” As we were created in the image of God, like God we are creators. Read more.

Creating Realities

I received an email from Jason, a tantric teacher in London, addressed not specifically to me but to his email list: “How was this year for you? Did you achieve everything that you wanted to this year? Read more.

Embracing Differences

In an earlier posting I gave my personal code of honor, derived from the teachings of AlixSandra Parness. The first two statements read – Read more.

Free Teleseminar – Knowing Yourself

For over two and a half years I’ve been posting to this blog.  It has been my way of sharing my life as a spiritual explorer.  Some of you may feel that you’ve been exploring with me.  Some of you may feel you’ve been sitting at home reading reports from the field.  Read more.

“Honor the Universe”

I’ve just spent a fascinating thirty minutes looking at the websites for the Hubbard and Kepler space telescopes.  Read more.


In june of last year I attended my first class in the 2012 Mystery School for Divine Mastery. I posted something about it at that time.  During our first session we were given a notebook.  On the cover of the notebook was, among other things, a yellow silhouette of a butterfly.  Above it were the words “Thou Shalt,” and on the wings — Read more

“Live in Gratitude”

Meister Eckhart wrote that if we say one prayer and that prayer is “Thank you” that is enough. It has struck me that if we totally trust God or the Universe to give us what we need, then we need no other prayer than “Thank You.” Read more.

Naked Ritual

In September of last year I created a meditation and a ritual for the Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School. It focused on nudity as a symbol of innocence. Read more.

The Needs of the Embodied Soul

In recent postings, I have been writing about needs – and I’ve been thinking about how this relates to the soul. Many years ago I had an epiphany that the soul, by itself, is invulnerable and has no needs. Read more.

A Ritual of Blessing

In her new book, Activate Joy, AlixSandra Parness says “Blessing is a deliberate and focused act of unconditional love.”  Buddhists understood this when they created metta (lovingkindness) meditation.  Read more.

“Strive to Expand Consciousness”

Everything I have written in this blog is about expanding consciousness. “Spirituality” means expanding consciousness.  Read more.

Teleseminar: Knowing Yourself

On October 11, I announced that I would be offering a teleseminar at 8:00 p.m. EST, on Sunday, November 14.  Some of you have requested more information, so here’s a list of topics that will be covered during the seminar.  Read more.

Why have another mystery school?

A friend recently read my posting about how a mystery school differs from a cult, and responded as follows:  Read more.

How Is a mystery school different from a cult?

When we chose to incarnate as humans, we chose a path with many pitfalls, but also with many possibilities. One of these pitfalls is the way the teachings of spiritual masters are turned into cults. Read more.

“One World”

A few days ago, I posted a code of honor that will be the basis of a tele-seminar next Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. EST. The ninth item in this code is “Honor the Earth.”  One way in which I have tried to honor the earth is through a song and a video made from that song.  View the video.

“Require Responsibility”

When AlixSandra Parness first introduced the “Thou Shalt’s” during the 2012 Mystery School for Divine Mastery, “Thou Shalt Require Responsibility.” was the one to which some of the students raised objections. Read more.

Two Videos

I’ve developed two videos out of my work at Easton Mountain.  One is an extension of the ritual of innocence that I discussed in my post of January 19, 2014, Read more.


In recent postings I’ve been exploring the idea of Life as a great Mystery School, with classes in spirituality and self improvement being classes in this Mystery School – whether they identify themselves as such or not. While I rely on my Higher Self in determining which programs are right for me, there are also certain warning signs that signal to me that I should not have anything to do with a training.  Read more.

What Is Sacred?

Last weekend I was part of a retreat, “A Gathering of Curious Souls,” facilitated by Niro Markoff. On Friday evening, she asked us to go within and consider the question, “What is sacred?”. Read more.

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