For additional erotic rituals, check out CERNUNNOS CIRCLE: Erotic Rituals For Modern Men.

Creating an Altar

I had told the programming director at Easton Mountain, where I live, that I would like to create an altar near the southern edge of the property during Gay Spirit Camp. He agreed to put it on the camp’s schedule. Read more.

Cultivating Lovingkindness toward Oneself

Stand, fully clothed, in front of a full-length mirror. Answer this question out loud: What in my appearance might keep me from loving myself? Read more.

Dancing with Ferns

Early in August I visited the National Museum of Dance. One of the exhibitions there was of photos by Michael Manheim – multi-exposure photos of naked Butoh dancers in what he calls “nests of nature.” Read more.

Heart Chakra Rituals – Part I

These rituals differ from those of 10/27/2008 and 11/4/2008 as they are performed outdoors. You must have bare feet and a bare chest, so these are rituals for warmer months – Read more.

Heart Chakra Rituals – Part II

Go to a large rock. Press your chest against it. If it’s large enough, lay down on it with your chest and arms in contact with it and your lower body on a towel. Read more.

Honoring the Earth

This we know.The earth does not belong to us;we belong to the earth.” Read more.

A Man’s Ritual for Opening the Sexual Chakra

Materials needed: oil, a bowl holding about a quart of water, and five stones or crystals (if possible, stones associated with the root, power, heart, throat and third-eye chakras). Read more.

Metta in a Group Ritual of Touch

This touch ritual is based on the Buddhist idea of metta, which means lovingkindness. Read more.

Personal Rituals

Many gay men reject ritual, associating it with the oppressive religious institutions that have tried to lay guilt trips on us. But, as we reclaim our spiritual lives, looking both within and to spiritual leaders from our own ranks, ritual again may become important. Read more.

Phallic Worship

In the High Meadow at Easton Mountain, my friend David Townsend created an altar using a phallic sculpture by Moss Tidd. Read more.

Releasing Collective Energies

This is a method for releasing collective discordant energies through a sweat lodge.  I assume that those involved already know how to run a lodge. Read more.

A Ritual for Opening the Third Eye

This ritual may be done naked or in a loose robe. You will need some oil. Read more.

A Ritual for Opening the Power Chakra

[If you’re not familiar with the chakras, see the write-up on my website.]

Items needed:  two eight-to-nine-foot pieces of rope. Read more.

Sacred Spaces

The thought of sacred spaces as been in my mind recently.  In June, I spent a week in Boulder, Colorado.  While there, I spent two days at nearby Dream Canyon. Read more.


Feeling the Presence of the Divine through Touch – All participants remove their shoes and stand in a circle.  Invoke the four directions. Going around the circle, each person invokes whatever manifestation of the Deity is important to him: Read more.

Visiting an Altar

A personal altar can be a meaningful way of connecting with the sacred.  Here’s a picture of an altar in the healing cabin at Easton Mountain. Read more.

When I’m Hard, I’m Smarter”

The title to this post comes from a video in Joseph Kramer’s “Gay Sex Wisdom” series. Read more.

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