2012 – Doomsday or Enlightenment?

I have recently been reading The Mystery of 2012, a collection of essays published by Sounds True, Inc.Read more.

Acting as One

Two months ago I came across a video on Vimeo – a few shots from Primal Matter, the work of choreographer Dimitris Papaioanneu – Read more.

As I See It

Once again those in the country who are motivated by greed and a lust for power have spent small fortunes to persuade the citizens to elect candidates that will be beholden to them for their political contributions. – Read more.

Autonomy in an Age of Diminishing Fuel

On March 9, I posted something about problems that society is only beginning to understand – problems created by our diminishing supply of fossil fuel. Read more.

Bohm Dialogue

This past week we’ve seen our nation practically forced into bankruptcy by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, Read more.

Burn the Koran?

A church in Gainesville, Florida, has proclaimed September 11 (the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center) to be “International Burn a Koran Day.” – Read more

Celebration and Play

On March 9 I posted something about needs as they pertain to the coming changes made necessary by global warming and shortages of fossil fuel. Read more.

The Coming Election

My frient Murray Edelman has created this video: Read more.

Dispair and Hope

I’ve recently received two emails.  One brought me despair, the other hope.  The first was a review of  “American Sniper,” a move that made a  record-breaking$105.3 million over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday long weekend. Read more.

Earthcare: A Call to Persons of Good Will

It’s no exaggeration to say that humanity faces the greatest crisis in its history. As a Quaker, I see this as a call equal to that heard in the seventeenth century to resist the tyrannical oppression of church-state alliances – a call that resulted in freedom of religion, first in England and its colonies. Read more.

A Global Heart Circle?

Radical Faeries have something called a “heart circle.” They use it as a way of connecting and as a way of focusing on problems. They sit in a circle and a talisman is passed around. Read more.

Global Problems – Local Solutions

In my February 23 post, I mentioned Transition Towns and the depletion of fossil fuel. “Transition” refers to the transition from a world powered by fossil fuel to one where there is no fossil fuel. Read more.

“Honor the Earth”

The Earth has been subjected to so much abuse! Ignorance, greed, and indifference have taken their toll. But change is in the wind. One hopeful sign is the emergence of thousands of small groups all over the world who have come together our of the realization … Read more.

Honoring the Earth

This we know. The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. – Read more.

Integrity in Government

Recently, I’ve discussed needs and how they relate to global warming and the end of cheap fossil fuel – including the need for integrity. I have written about integrity as an element in my personal code of honor. This posting focuses on the need for integrity in government. Read more.

The Kingdom of God

I have been focusing on how we could meet our needs in a world without cheap fossil fuel. Today I focus on the fifth class of needs, the need for physical nurturance. Read more.

Listening Sessions

Two weeks ago I was asked to speak to the Greenwich Interfaith Fellowship about the Parliament of the World’s Religions. I started by asking who in the group had heard of the Parliament prior to seeing that day’s agenda. No one raised their hand. Read more.

More on Dialogue

In May, I posted something about “transition towns,” a movement to prepare people for the inevitable diminishing of fossil fuel This movement started in England, where I think that there is a greater sense of community than in the fractured and polarized United States.  Read more:

Moving Society Toward Life

This is only my sixth post this year. In my first post I stated, “I look to my Higher Self for ways that will move our society toward life.” Read more.

News from Washington County

We had an interesting political development in the southern part of Washington County, New York. Read more.

November 4 and November 17 – Two Days That I Hope Will Change the World – at Least a Little Bit

In less than one week we will have elections. I don’t expect the gubernatorial candidate I vote for will win, because I can’t bring myself to vote for either the Republican Party’s candidate or the Democratic Party’s candidate. Read more.

On Introspection

David Bohm, in his essay “On Dialogue”, speaks of thoughts as creating effects, but our minds then deny that thoughts are responsible for these effects. He doesn’t give any illustrations, but I think Marshall Rosenberg gives a clue to what he may mean when he talks about our thoughts being responsible for our feelings. Read more.

The People’s Climate March

I’ve posted several times in the blog about the Transition movement – a grassroots effort to reduce use of fossil fuel and create thriving local economies, This movement has generally ignored politics and focussed on individual initiative to bring about change. This made sense to me. However, there are times when it may be appropriate to attempt to change the minds of politicians.  Read more.

Planetary Awareness

I have been reflecting on the words of Neale Donald Walsch (published in MAGICAL BLEND #68), “What is needed now … [is] not a slowdown in our technological development, but an in-kind speedup of our collective consciousness…. – Read more.

Queer Fires for Peace

The Flesh and Spirit Community in San Francisco describes itself as “an intentional community of queer men who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men’s identity, spirituality, and sexuality.”  Read more.

Reflections on 2011

I’m thinking back to New Year’s day at my boyfriend’s home. On the television was the customary New-Year’s-Day review of the events of the previous year, leading me to review in my mind what events stood out for me in 2011. Read more.

Releasing Conflict through Inner Dialogue

Think about a conflict  – something draining your emotional energy. It may be between two nations or two people in your neighborhood. – Read more.

Social Action and Spirituality

I’m a member of a YahooI group called Gay Mystics.  Recently one of the members submitted a post on the question of whether Obama is an enlightened being. – Read more.

Speak Out!

This posting is based on two convictions:  1.  What we believe and experience spiritually should be reflected in political actions. (Read more.)

Still More Thoughts on Bohm Dialogue

In a section of On Dialogue called “The Impulse of Necessity,” Bohm speaks of necessity as a “kind of thought that plays “a greater role than other kinds.” Read more.

Thoughts on “Uncle Harry”

“Poor Uncle Harry, having become a missionary, / Found the natives’ morals rather crude.” Read more.

Two Questions Every American Should as President Obama

The Administration maintains a website where questions may be asked and comments made to the President and his staff: Read more.

Visioning a Just Society

At a resent Quaker meeting I attended, someone mentioned that a set of principles for a just society, called “Foundations of a True Social Order” was adopted by the Quakers in Britain in 1918.  Read more.

What I Would Say

One of my friends was remarking on how disappointed he was with President Obama.  I replied that I thought that there were good things he was doing that we don’t hear about in the major media – (Read more.)

Where Is My Imagination Leading?

Last Saturday, we took another step in our development of the Pavilion of Imagination at Easton Mountain. My friend Dave hooked up a solar panel, controller, battery and convertor. When he clicked a switch, we had light.  Read more.

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