Ages 15-17

Nakedness was not part of spirituality at this time. I tried to satisfy my spiritual thirst with conservative religion. – Read more.

Ages 18-21

My college years were a time of spiritual searching. After a few courses in philosophy, I admitted to myself that none of the thoughts I’d been writing down in the morning were really guidance from God. Read more.

Ages 22-49 (Part One)

My spiritual life was dormant during most of this period. This is the story of its reawakening – which began with reading The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. – Read more.

Ages 22-49 (Part Two)

The statements that I remember from my Intensive Journal work aren’t those by its creator, Ira Progoff, nor by the workshop leader. Rather they are statements that came to me during the workshops. – Read more.

Ages 22-49 (Part Three)

“Holy Ground of Our Being, teach us we are one with thee” – the prayer that came at the end of a Journal Workshop. One response came shortly after. – Read more.

Ages 50-58 (Part One)

This was a time of exploring erotic spirituality, primarily through workshops led by Joseph Kramer. – Read more,

Ages 50-58 (Part Two)

When I think of Wildwood, I think of the road that winds up the side of a mountain for five miles to the conference center. Wildwood is often referred to as “the mountain.” – Read more.

Ages 50-58 (Part Three)

In August, 1990 – I received a letter from my father saying that cancer had again been discovered in his lungs and that he was not expected to live more than two months. – Read more.

Ages 50-58 (Part Four)

In 1992 I returned to Wildwood for a third intensive sponsored by Body Electric. This one, called Sacred Intimate Training, was very different from the previous two. – Read more.

Ages 50-58 (Part Five)

When I retuned to Wildwood in 1993, it was for Cosmic Orgasm Awareness Week, led by Joe Kramer and Annie Sprinkle. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part One)

During this period I developed healing skills through the Inner Focus School. I also worked with Native American spirituality. Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Two)

Last week I noted that my trip to Pennsylvania included preparations for a vision quest. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Three)

My class in Pennsylvania introduced me to elements that I would find in other Inner Focus classes. We started at seven in the morning with a one-hour practice developed by the Hindu teacher Bagwa Shri Rajneesh called Dynamic Meditation. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Four)

Sacred Hoop Week wasn’t what I expected.  We had sweats with Standing Elk and with Arlo, another shaman – but no mention of vision quests. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Five)

My preparations for a vision quest under the guidance of two Lakota shamans were as important as the time I would spend fasting and praying. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Six)

My vision quest started with a special sweat lodge – only one round. After prayers were said, those not questing left the lodge. Clothes were passed into us along with blankets. Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Seven)

On the second day of my vision quest, in mid afternoon, without thinking, I found myself outside the square that had been prepared for me – though I had made no conscious decision to leave the square.  I was naked, with a blanket around my shoulders. – Read more,

Ages 59-64 (Part Eight)

In 1998, I returned to the Antelope Center for a program in which one contemplates the four directions while backpacking through the Wyoming High Desert.  I can best convey this experience and the lessons it has brought me by sharing during the next several weeks on this blog some of the writing I did in my journal. – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Nine)

[Continuing with extracts from my journal of 8/24/98- written while back-packing through the Wyoming High Desert]  If I were to write my own personal scripture, it would begin with these words: “This is the first commandment; that you walk naked on the earth and know that you are of the earth, not physical as the earth is physical but spiritual as the earth is spiritual.” – Read more.

Ages 59-64 (Part Ten)

[Continuing with extracts from my journal, written while backpacking through the Wyoming High Desert] 8/24/98  As I walk, this thought comes to me: scientists tell us that our planet – after it had cooled from it’s original, primordial fire – was a planet of water and rock enveloped in a blanket of air; – Read more.

Completing the Inner Focus Mystery School

In June of last year I posted something about my first class with the Inner Focus Mystery School for Divine Mastery. Last Saturday was my final session of that school. Read more.

Early Intimations of Spirituality

My father was an ordained minister, though he left the active ministry when I was about two. – Read more.

Folleterre and the Serenity Prayer

Last August I posted an article that quoted Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. This prayer begins, “God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed.” – Read more.’

Some Video I Recently Shot

One of my recent adventures has been shooting some video footage for a documentary on the work of choreographer John Ollom. – Read and see more.

What Is a Spiritual Explorer?

The men who had registered for my workshop in transformation through erotic spirituality were assembled in a meeting room at a retreat center in the Catskills. – Read more.

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