Accessing the Inner Self through Sculpture

I have been writing about my work with the exercises in Judith Cornell’s book, Drawing the Light from Within. As the exercises work primarily with the visual arts of painting and drawing, they are obviously only for sighted people. Read more.

Active Imagination

My good friend Vyvyan Chatterjie has proposed the possibility of a week-long program dealing with art and the psychology of Carl Jung. Nothing definite has been set; we’re just considering the possibility. As Vyv is a graduate of the Jung Institute in Zurich, this has led me to investigate Jung’s work. Read more.

An Appreciation of Enna Chaton

I’ve watched Enna Chaton’s twelve-minute video, “Errances” twice, to see if I would find more in it the second time than the first. Google Translate says that “Errances” means “Wanderings.” Read more.

Art and the Spiritual Path

I’ve been working with some exercises from Drawing the Light from Within by Judith Cornell. These exercises use meditation, drawing and painting to connect with inner creative power. Read more.

Continuing to Work with Art

In December I posted something about using watercolor while doing the exercises in Drawing the Light from Within, by Judith Cornell. Last week I completed “Project 2: Painting with Light” using transparent watercolors. Read more.

Cosmology in Art

Last summer, I had three three small watercolors on display at Saratoga Arts. Each measures seven by seven inches and is in a ten-by-ten-inch frame. Read more.

Creating a Tantric Mandala

At a retreat this past summer, I facilitated a ninety-minute workshops called Creating a Tantric Mandala. Read more.

Drawing What You Love

Eighteen guys responded to this invitation to participate in a ninety minute workshops: “Drawing What You Love – Small cocks, large cocks, thin cocks, fat cocks, tight balls, dangling balls – we love them all.”  Read more.


I have been reading some commentaries on Christian life, published by Friends United Meeting under the title of “Forty Days of Prayer.” It contains inspiring passages about following Jesus. Read more.

How to Become an Abstrat Artist–Instantly

Dada is a name given to a seminal movement in modern art that started about the time of World War I It stressed irrationality, and one of its proponents suggested creating poetry by taking a newspaper article, carefully cutting out each word, and putting them together in random order. I have tried this on occasion and used the method to create spoken words that became part of a musical composition. Read more.

Infinite Imagination

In my February 18 posting, I described a ninety-minute workshop I did during Easton Mountain’s Winter Gay Spirit Camp. The last paragraph of this posting described a possible sequel workshop – Erotic Imagination. Read more.

Inner Dialogue

In June I posted something about active imagination and gave an example of how I had used active imagination, based on a drawing, to develop a story. About two weeks after I posted that story, I used it as a basis for inner dialogue, developing an imagined conversation with one of the characters in the story.  Read more.

More Active Imagination with the Explorer

The idea of the explorer is developing as a prominent theme in the active imagination that is inspired by my art. On November 26, I recorded a monologue by the explorer who has figured in much of my active imagination. I have since transcribed it and am presenting it below. Read more.  Read more.

More on Active Imagination

Late in February, I was part of an arts retreat at Powell House, a Quaker Conference Center. On Sunday morning, as I lay half awake, I had a vision of a red object in a chaotic environment. That morning, I started a water-color painting based on my vision,… Read more.

More on Art as a Spiritual Discipline

In November I posted something on my working with exercises from Drawing the Light from Within by Judith Cornell. A few days ago I adapted a part of one of her exercises – step two of “Project 2: Painting with Light” – for transparent watercolor. Read more.

More on Art as a Spiritual Path

Back on November 6, my posting concerned the work that I’ve been doing based on Drawing the Light from Within, by Judith Cornell.  Yesterday, I did more line drawings that could be a basis for paintings.  This time, I first used a meditation from Cornell’s book in which I visited a golden building, which in the meditation is referred to as “The Hall of Illumined Arts and Design.” Read more.

More on Art from the Imagination

My previous two postings have been about creating sculpture from my imagination. I wanted to see if I could take the concept of a drawing from the imagination that I found in Judith Cornell’s book Drawing the Light from Within, and adapt it for sculpture. Read more.

More on Imagination

In my posting on February 18, I spoke of a possibility of a sequel to my workshop, “Drawing What You Love,” which was offered at Easton Mountain earlier that month. There are now two workshops on the schedule: Read more.

More on Working with Sculpture

Last week I posted something about creating a sculpture from the imagination using clay and wire. A friend suggested that the process of looking inward could be enhanced by creating a story…. Read more.

My Encounters with Butoh

Butoh is a form of dance originating in Japan just after World War II. Its creators rejected both the imitation of western dance styles and the classic Japanese theatrical forms, Noh and Kabuki.  Read More.

Sacred Geometry as a Path to Sacred Space

I’ve been studying Erotic Body Prayer by Kirk Prine, one of the founders of the Flesh and Spirit Community. Read more.


Back on November , I did two drawings after doing a meditation from Judith Cornell’s book Drawing the Light from Within Last month, following Cornell’s instructions I used one of my drawings as a basis for a painting done with poster paint – black, white and several shades of gray. Read more.


Universalism is a religious term that may have two meanings: Read more

What’s Happening with Infinite Imagination?

In my post on June 6, I spoke of two workshops that I will offer at Easton Mountain during our next Summer Splash weekend, June 26-28: “Infinite Imagination” and “Video from Your Smartphone” “Infinite Imagination” will be incorporated into the Friday-evening opening circle and will set the tone for the weekend. Read more.

Who Wrote the Gospel of John?

Recently, I have been studying The Gospel of John using a two volume translation with extensive commentary by Raymond Brown – part of The Anchor Yale Bible.had a profound relationship not only with the historical Jesus, but with the inward Christ, the spirit of God within himself. Read more.

Wild with Wild Torus

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have a Vimeo channel called Erotic Imagination, where I focus on videos that use nudity in staged and filmed performances. As I view them, I try to see what artistic truth is being presented or reinforced by the naked performers. Read more.

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