Releasing Conflict through Inner Dialogue

Think about a conflict  – something draining your emotional energy. It may be between two nations or two people in your neighborhood.  If you feel involved, it is draining your  energy.  You can reclaim that energy through inner dialogue. Read more.

Self Healing

“If you had a cold, we used to just cure the cold. Now the question is, why did you get the cold?” Read more.

Self Healing – Bioscalar Wave

In this practice you accumulate healing energy in your heart and then send it to wherever it’s needed. To accumulate energy, stretch your arms out to the sides palms up.  Read more.

Self Healing – Figure-eight Grounding

In figure-eight grounding we draw healing energy from both earth and sky. It is a good practice to use at the start and end of any healing session. Read more.

Self Healing: Rock Purification

The self-healing practices in my posts of Sept. 8 and Sept. 29 work by bringing in healing energy. In the rock purification, you are removing unwanted discordant energy by using your intention to send it into two rocks. Read more.

Self Healing: Working with Nature

One technique that I’ve used to access the energies of nature is to work with trees.  A tree is capable of giving you energy that comes up from the earth or that is drawn down from heaven. Read more.

A Spiritual Energy Shower

In November 1999, I was part of a five-day class in energy healing offered by the Inner Focus School – one of the classes that lead to my certification in energy healing. Each day usually started at seven with Osho’s Dynamic Meditation. Read more.

Thought-Form Clearing

When I started this blog, in January of last year, I realized that there were some parts of my spiritual praxis that didn’t lend themselves to description in a blog. Some practices were too long and elaborate for the short essays that I might expect a blog-reader to read. One of these practices is the process of thought-form clearing. Read more.

Working with Internal Landscapes©

I have been working with John Ollom on a documentary of his movement art piece “M. U. D. (Me Under Dirt).” Part of that work was created using his system of choreography through psychic exploration, called Internal Landscapes©. Read more.

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